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Allison Ponthier is a singer-songwriter whose experiences growing up in the bible belt while coming to terms with her Queer sexuality shaped her into the artist she is today. Her music has country roots that shine through in her heart-on-sleeve storytelling and crystalline vocal work. Her childhood in the suburbs of texas further heightened her desire to create a world inspired by the camp warped eccentricities of Henry Selick, Vincent Price, and Elvira. Her music and visuals represent her journey of self-reflection as she moved to Brooklyn, New York in search of community despite not knowing a single soul in New York. After what started to be a disastrous move, Allison began embracing the calamity of being a self-identified goody-two-shoes Texan living in the epicenter of brazen East Coast hipsterdom. Bringing such a depth of attention to every aspect of her music, Ponthier began building an extravagantly realized version of the world she retreated into as a kid back in Texas: a place where difference is endlessly celebrated. She has received praise from Vogue, Vulture, Gay Times, American Songwriter, Billboard and Cosmopolitan.

Most recently she went on tour opening for another Gay icon often referred to as “Lesbian Jesus”, Hayley Kiyoko, who is best known for radio hits such as “Girls like Girls”. I attended the PANORAMA tour in Dallas 5/21 and it truly was a celebration of pride, self love, and incredible music. Allison’s set included songs off her EP’s “Shaking Hands With Elvis” and “Faking My Own Death”. She quickly won over the crowd as the audience identified with her lyrics, after the show a multitude of people had posted on instagram how they came for Hayley but fell in love with Allison during her set, and rightfully so! Her performance was beautiful and heartfelt, her passion shone through in each and every song. It was a particularly special show as this was Allison’s hometown show, her entire family was there in support. With her coming of age being such a vital part of her art she briefly spoke about how excited she was to be back home where it all happened. At the end of her set an audience member threw a Lesbian Pride flag on stage that had the message "Welcome Home Allison" written on it, truly sums up the beautiful homecoming and fanbase she has supporting her.  

A song that always stands out to me, having grown up in the same town surrounded by conservative ideals, feeling like I never quite belonged is “Cowboy”. Lyrics include:  Born from the beige, These feelings made me feel strange, A neon sign, Not the only one of my kind, This is how I felt in the Bible Belt, Wanna be that girl for someone elseThis beautiful lyricism has reached millions of people who have found themselves in a similar environment. Allison has a story to tell that Queer kids need to hear especially in a state like Texas where anti-trans bills are being passed, and LGBTQ+ hate is being spewed by not only people in power but by your neighbors. Allison is a shining beacon of light for Queer kids, her existence proves you can and you will survive adversity. Speaking on that note, during the first week of pride month Allison came back to Texas as the headliner for Dallas Pride. Another true full circle moment for the artist. Her work advocating for the community is also incredibly admirable as she has worked with Dallas Hope Charities which their work helps house and feed homeless LGBTQ+ youth.

Overall Allison Ponthier is a truly beautiful, authentic artist that's creating music that is connecting to Queer audiences in ways that I'm sure her younger self would thank her for. 


Her music is streaming on all platforms, keep up with Allison on instagram here

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