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Get to know Aurora: The artist best know for the hit song "Runaway" an article by Eline Klaessens


She's been described as a siren trying to lure people into the sea and it's true, Norwegian singer Aurora Aksnes does sound an awful lot like a siren. With her distinctive voice and overall sound, she immediately draws you in. The music she makes has been described as tribal-sounding, often intertwined with an electrical sound. Her melodies, ranging from quiet and gentle to powerful, combined with that siren-like voice are perfect tools to convey emotion and tell stories. The stories that motivated her to write her songs are often kept private, because Aurora says it would mean more to her if people had their own interpretation of her songs and could find a way to connect it to their own lives. At other times though, the message is clear as day. Her song The Seed is the best example. This song, inspired by a Cree Indian Proverb poem, addresses climate change and human greed. Climate change is a topic the singer is very passionate about. She has a special connection to nature so the climate crisis the world is going through visually upsets her. Aurora also is passionate about getting equality for all, therefore she is an advocate of change. She highly encourages her fans, the warriors and weirdos, to love and respect others. Being able to spread messages like this and making music are most important to her. Making music is part of her, she has been writing melodies since she was six years old and started adding lyrics when she was nine years old. Even though big numbers and prizes don't matter as much to her, Aurora was very grateful to see her song Runaway hit the charts a little over five years after the release of her debut album All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend. She said the following: "Normally this wouldn't excite me much, but it's just so strange this is all happening so many years after it's birth. I don't know why or how but I am grateful for every heart that has let 'Runaway' touch it. This song was always meant to make home in whoever needed it." It's remarkable that this particular song hit the charts, because Aurora was so young when she wrote it. Who would have thought a song written by a free-spirited, Norwegian twelve-year-old would make it's way into all those hearts years later? I think Aurora has shown us that it's never too early to create.

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