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Em Beihold 

Em Beihold is a true rising star. The LA based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist has had hit after hit since her first live show in 2016. You may recognize her songs “City of Angels” or “Groundhog Day”, both of which were viral sensations on Tik Tok with millions of views, and over 6.6 million streams on Spotify. As a child she spent years in piano lessons, learning classical and jazz music. Having a strong foundation for her passion to evolve beautifully into her powerful pop music, this is an artist who not only knows her stuff but will continue to grow.

Photo by Never Mind Magazine/ Emma Walker


Em’s songs have been referenced as “sunny melodies over sadness” her lyrics focusing on themes of anxiety such as her song “12345” which focuses on her experiences with panic attacks. As someone who struggled with anxiety for years and still does on a daily basis, I and many of her fans have found comfort in the juxtaposition of real lyrics shining a light on anxiety with a fun and upbeat chorus. Using art to share vulnerable experiences bringing awareness and comfort to those who struggle with similar situations is not a trend that’ll be cycled through in a month. Em Beihold is creating timeless, fun, comforting songs for everyone to enjoy.

successes, her dynamic performance live is captivating and the audience at the show by the end of her set were jamming along and matched the energy for KP to perform afterwards. Which is not always an easy feat to accomplish, I've had experiences where openers are left awkwardly trying to capture the audience's attention but this was nothing like that. She got the crowd pumped wanting more.

"Egg in the Basket" is her most recent release. An album featuring yet another hit "Numb Little Bug" which made huge waves at radio and is now certified platinum in the U.S. and Canada. I have can attest to that statement because this past summer while I was road-tripping to California "Numb Little Bug" dominated the top 40. 

I had the opportunity to see Em in concert opening for King Princess on the Hold on Baby tour. Em proved she's more than just her viral 

You can stream this rising star's music on all streaming platforms.

And keep up with her on socials @embeihold

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