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Never Mind's first print issue released in winter of 2020 was 40+ pages of young artists work including paintings, poems, photoshoots, playlists and more. Featured interviews with: Musician, Joyce @flowerovlove, Photographer Evie Grimmit, and young activist Hannah Busby with an artist spotlight on Emma Worthen @emwsart. Issue one included 3 editorial articles on activism, fashion and the history of Black filmmaking.

All profits from 01 was & are donated directly to the Black Lives Matter foundation. - proof of receipt


Never Mind's second print issue released in summer of 2021 following the theme of "cinematics" highlighting young filmmakers and 39 artists contributions of their interpretation of the theme consisting of poetry, photography, personal essays and more. Cinematics is 72 pages featuring interviews with young filmmakers Ella Fields, Adelaide Wilson and Ella Greenwood. And exclusive Never Mind content with editorials touching on resurgence in y2k fashion, playlists, representation in film and more! 

All profits from 02 was & are donated directly to the Trevor Project, the leading suicide hotline for LGBTQ+ youth. - proof of receipt

The third issue is currently in progress of being created, submissions are closed and I'm hard at work! Issue Three follows the theme/prompt of "Where do we go from here" focusing on those times in life where you suddenly have no plan. I was inspired by my own "Where do we go form here" moment after graduating high school, life has never been the same and I'm still in a weird limbo of a new chapter in my life entering adulthood and figuring out the world. Got a lot of exciting content to share and am so thankful to the contributors, you are all incredible! 

All profits from 03 will be donated to a Unicef! Keep an eye on the Never Mind instagram to receive updates for the issue three release date! 

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