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Lui$a is a 17 year old independent artist from New York, currently located in Prishtina, Kosovo. 

Her music is a mix of many genres like contemporary r&b, dance-pop, funk and soul, which is heavily influenced by the urban life of Kosovo and New York. By combining both of these cultures she presents a modern and diverse style. She hopes to bring a sound that is contemporary, yet impactful and distinctive to the mainstream scene.

What was the creative process during the creation of your EP Limelight?

Limelight took me about 2 years of work since I added and took out songs that

didn’t fit with the “vibe” of the theme. I began working on it at the age of 15 (during

that time I wrote my song ‘Daily’) and released it at the age of 17. My dad and I worked on it in our studio “Dream house studio” where I wrote all of my songs. Since my dad helped me finish my EP, there were no huge misunderstandings between us, but there were tiny tweaks like me liking how the synth sounds and my dad not feeling the sound AT ALL. Basically, we’re both perfectionists and we always try to fix the most minor things so that we can enjoy the final product.

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What has inspired you to create such a diverse sound in your music?

My music taste throughout the years. When I began making music I was listening to a lot of alternative and rock/metal bands  like Bring me the Horizon, My Chemical Romance and Hawthorne Heights.  After that I progressed to hip hop  artists like Kanye, Gucci mane (believe it or not), Young Nudy and A$AP Mob. Now I’m into everything, from Massive Attack to SOPHIE and so on… All of this has inspired me to create a diverse sound in my music as an artist.

You’ve mentioned fashion is a big part of your life, with finding inspiration from David Bowie,  New York club kids and scenes similar to that. What is it about fashion and these people/scenes in particular that inspire you? 

I like presenting myself as an artist, an identity more than “just a singer” as a whole, since I get to show my inner creativity and talents on the outside, not just the inside. You get to express your creativity through fashion and that has helped me connect with many types of people from all kinds of places, backgrounds and fields of life. This inspired me to wear whatever I want and be as eccentric as possible in the creative/music scene.

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What was the role of music in the early years of your life and how has it impacted your current music style/ taste? Who are some of the musicians you admire most and why?

There are definitely many musicians I take inspiration from like: A Tribe called Quest, Jun Fukamachi, Sade and A$AP Rocky. But, my main inspiration at the moment would have to be Rina Sawayama.  As a young woman in the music industry, you constantly have to fight for power and Rina has inspired me to keep being original while still maintaining commerciality and influence.

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With mention of inspiration from the New york club kids scene, I was wondering was the title of Limelight inspired by the famous club? I’m currently obsessed with the club's bizarre history and just had to ask! 

Yes, most definitely! The reason why this EP was inspired by this bizarre club in New York is that it describes the project in the best way possible! As I mentioned in previous interviews, each song represents each attendee of the club since all of them are so drastically different from each other. I did research, watched documentaries and club kid interviews and read many articles about the club culture for a whole week. Behind all of the glamour and glitter there was scandal and drama, just like the lyrics to my songs on the EP. For example, Daily, although it is a dance track that gives you a very pleasant feeling, Daily creates a contrast between the lyrics and the instrumental with the melody line (the lyrics being about not wanting to party and “preferably staying at home” rather than wanting to party and fitting the mood of the instrumental and melody line.

Lastly, what is some advice you wish you could give to your younger self regarding your musical endeavors?

Never give up! I spent most of my middle and high school years writing songs and making beats on my bedroom floor and I couldn’t have been prouder of myself to be honest! Hard work will get you places, believe it or not, you just need to have a little faith in yourself and work as hard as you can.

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