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The 18-year-old Indiana native is the next generation’s ideal superstar, capturing all the chaos of a typical modern teen’s life with the artistic intuition of a seasoned veteran. Growing up in a small town, midwxst never felt like he really fit in. It wasn't until he met an online scene of like-minded kids on Soundcloud that he truly blossomed into the young artist he is today. Among the most standout names within the underground music scene, he is making his presence known as an elevated figure compared to his contemporaries. His singles and projects alike bring an untapped sense of maturity, passion, and pop prowess. He is more than a passing artist within a crowded landscape; he is a generational talent that is ready to burst into the limelight.


Midwxst’s albums truly are an extension and representation of himself during the times he creates them, so to begin the interview I asked what the experience was like creating his new album “Back In Action”?


Midwxst: Its really just me talking my shit [laughs] I'm just being 100% honest being proud of the stuff that i've done, wearing pride on my shoulders and letting out, letting people know what's important to me why I make music, why I’m in this creative space at all, I don't have anything to prove, I don't have anything at all to prove. It's the fact that I've been able to make it this far with my own actions and intelligence and all while having great people surrounding me. And I'm not really outspoken about a lot of the accomplishments and stuff that I make but sometimes you have to let it out like I just had to be proud for once. I'm always usually a reserved person but um the beats just brought out like this beast in me. Like a different type of version of me. It's just super fun, to just be playful and throw in- I have a buncha like playful cartoon references, and childhood references cause I grew up watching like cartoon network, boomerang, nick at night, all the good shows before they had that bad stuff like uncle grampa. But all that stuff it was just super fun and so I tried to replicate this time trying to make an experience that may be different that what people expect from me but it still bangs, you won't have any regrets listening to it I swear.

Midwxst started out in the SoundCloud scene so I was curious to how the online scene and community he came from help and shape the artist he was now? 


M: I got tips and tricks from literally half of the people I followed on SoundCloud, some I follow right now. There was some way that either I liked their music or they gave me advice and tips on how to become a better artist that I still apply to this day and use. For example I based my own vocal preset that I used to mix “Trying” and all of “Summer 03” that whole present was based on one that my friend sent me (dollywood1)  and she's really super cool, and so i've known her for ages and that's just really how the scene goes, you know somebody and it's very constructive criticism, these scenes they all help one another you can send the song they give you their honest opinion. They won't sugar coat anything they won't let you look  like a fool in a way they'll let you understand if it's not a good song like they be like “bro I love you but this is not it” they will just be straight up with you and sometimes that's what you need, you don't want to have people sugar coat that cause then you will not get the best work out of it at all so with the soundcloud scene developing and becoming what it is over time that’s what it led to, us (the scene) becoming friends over anything else. Not even collaborators or anything of the sort like friends and people who we know that we care for. And care for one another. Who have each others backs and like they send me beats, I send them beats, like it's like a really cool friendship. The scenes are just a really great and friendly community to be apart of.

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He has about half a million listners on Spotify, 45.3k followers on Instagram,  and recently signed with the prestigious Geffen records which made me realize while coming into the public eye more does he feel responsible as an artist to be a role model? He gave the question some thought then responded. 


M: Yeah I do. I wanna be the best version of myself I can be to be able to provide because if i could have one day, have a kid be like “I want to be like midwxst when I grow up” which I know is really out there to say but it would be a dream to me. Because I always constantly looked up to so many people who have given me hope, and given me help during times that I needed them and I didnt even know them as a person. Like for example that's how I felt when I listen to “Swimming” by Mac Miller, that album is something that just hits you at home. Even if you might not be able to relate to every single song on the album, it still makes you feel something and I just want people to have that same type of feeling when they listen to my work. To be able to have kids understand, that it’s okay to be yourselves, it's okay to express yourself in the way you want. You wanna wear a skirt? Wear a skirt. If you want to paint your nails, paint your nails. You want to dye your hair, dye your hair. DO all that shit! Because you shouldn’t let anyone else tell you what you can and can’t do. Thats really all that I can ask for and people can respect that and view me as that then I will be happy as… just happy as ever. 


He also writes a lot about his own mental health in his music, and he discussed how important he feels it is for him to be open about his mental health but also the challenges he facing while being so vulnerable he stated  “Talking about my experiences first hand and how it shaped me into who I am, because that's a key part of me and being human and just growing as a person, but at the same time it can be very challenging to talk about.... But as long as somebody can relate to it, I don't care how hard it may be for me, because if can save somebody's life by the fact they listen to my music and heard something that they can resonate with, and stick with and know that they aren't the only person, that they aren't alone in the shit that they have to deal with. I am perfectly fine with putting all my business out there.” 

Midwxst is one of the most genuine and talented young artists in the ever-evolving world of music. To never miss new content from midwxst don't forget to follow him on his socials! 

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