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Tanner Fletcher SS23 Collection Celebrates
Classic High School Nostalgia


Tanner Fletcher’s spring 2023 presentation titled “Spring Fling” brought timeless high school nostalgia with a retro themed dance.  The genderless brand is known for its modern take on retro clothing. The presentation showcased each look with the classic prom inspired photos. The presentation that was hosted during NYFW consisted of models dancing to live music and  vintage bathroom, bedroom, and hair salon set ups that models interacted with.  The collection consisted of pastels and vintage patterns with nods to 50s, 60s, and 70s fashion. With many of the pieces referencing popular prom fashion trends from each decade.

Along with pastels, brown was a popular color that was seen in many of the suits and coats. Pussybow blouses was a common piece in the collection which comes no surprise since it is a staple piece to the brand. Tiny and oversized bows could be found covering many of the suits and dresses giving a more whimsical vintage aesthetic. But more modern pieces were included such as graphic tops and sequined denim. 


A beautiful vintage floral print was used for many of the looks. Some of the floral print was sequined giving the print a contemporary flare. The 1950s I feel was the decade that was referenced the most in the collection. Models wore pink rollers in their hair and can be seen carrying 50s inspired purses. 

The 1950s feel was accentuated with an inspired cheerleading outfit and knit sweater. Naturally Tanner Fletcher was able to bring a 2022 feel to these vintage inspired pieces. 


Tanner Fletcher brought a fun and youthful collection to NYFW this season. The brand's presentation was unique and showed that a fashion presentation does not need to be just models standing, but it can have movement and be unique. Tanner Fletcher's presentation truly brought the clothing to life. The collection as a whole looks like puzzle pieces that fit together beautifully.

Screen Shot 2022-10-10 at 1.38.54 PM.png

Each look matches another like how prom dates would match each other. Some of my favorite looks are the two feather trim sets.

I loved the elegant vintage silhouettes and how it used the pastel feather trim. I felt the feather trim complimented the pieces perfectly without overshadowing them.

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