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Pamela Anderson Taking Control of Her Story

You may know Pamela Anderson from her various work in film, television and modeling or possibly most recently, from the incorrect adaptation of her life in the Hulu series Pam & Tommy. For the first time Pamela has shared her story with the world in the documentary ¨Pamela. A love story” ,released January 31st Directed by Ryan White an Emmy- nominated filmmaker. It uncovers the various tribulations Pamela Anderson went through in not only her life but her 2 kids who she shared with Tommy Lee. In her own words, Pamela goes in depth and talks about her childhood, moving from a ladysmith to Comox, British Columbia, her rise to fame, her rocky romances, tape scandals, opportunities like going on Broadway and her infamous sex scene. As you're watching this documentary, you learn that the journey to self love is long and how Pamela is embracing the power of herself. Pamela is embracing the power of sharing her story herself for the first time. Sharing how it is okay to be alone because at the end of the day you only need yourself and your family.

Before she was the icon we know, Anderson was born and raised in the small town of Ladysmith, British Columbia on July 1st, 1967. Shortly after her parents Barry and Carol Anderson moved to Comox, British columbia. At the age of 22 Pamela was first discovered at a British Columbia Lions football game, when her image was shown on the stadium screen, she was brought down to the football field little did Pamela know this would change her whole entire life. She got the opportunity to model for Labatts´s in their current promotion for ¨the blue zone¨. She was known as "The Blue Zone 

girl”. Pamelas posters were plastered around bars, restaurants, repair shops, after that her career skyrocketed. She is best known for her glamor modeling work in Playboy, her appearances on Baywatch, Barb Wire, Boadway & various movies and tv shows through the years.

A quote from Pamela's documentary that I took to heart is ¨My mom taught me the most important lesson in life. When you are hurt you have two options to close off, become bitter, or love more. Love is the greatest healer, I choose love” I took this documentary to heart, and I know everyone else who watches it will have a place for Pamela in their hearts. It’s an inspiring  documentary where the audience realizes there's truly so much more to the story than what we saw on screen. It communicates a plethora of emotions, and most importantly the importance of love. How much her children mean to her and mostly how the only person who should tell their own story is themselves. 


Not only did Pamela release a documentary she also came out with a book to tell HER story. ¨Love, pamela” her new Memoir, taking control of her own narrative for the first time. She reflects on her life, her rise to fame, her traumatic childhood, abuse, and her rocky relationships, her bombshell image in the 90s, and her family. I hope you, the reader, will give her documentary and book a chance to share how much Pamela has gone through,I believe it will help others who have even had the chance to tell their story taken away from them remember they have a voice to share their story. 

Pamela's Documentary "Pamela a Love Story" is currently streaming on Netflix 

"Love, Pamela" the Memoir is available wherever books are sold.

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