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The opener for The Warning at the Dallas show was Hero The Band, who had an electrifying set that immediately roped the audience in from the first song. Goku the lead had absolutely incredible energy that got the crowd jumping, fist pumping and hyped for more to come. Each of the 4 members of Hero The Band were energetic and filled with raw talent. I’ve attended concerts where the audience doesn’t take to an opener so this was refreshing in the way that Hero The Band was such a perfect match for The Warning’s energy.  And I can not recommend them enough if you enjoy rock in any form, do yourself a favor and look them up. They concluded their set with a tribute to the recently late legendary drummer of the Foo Fighters, Taylor Hawkins playing There Goes My Hero which was perfect. I actually got slightly emotional as my mom knew Taylor in his early years but that’s a story for another time. Overall Hero The Band is a fantastic group of guys who have immeasurable talent. 


Attending The Warning’s Mayday tour was more than just a concert, it was a celebration of rock music. As I was waiting in line I noticed multiple generations of rock fans were in front of me. A grandfather with his granddaughter having conversations about the show they've been so eager to attend, after a rescheduling due to covid they were finally able to see The Warning live in concert. 

The young girl was particularly ecstatic to see Paulina, the drummer of The Warning, exclaiming to her grandfather: “I hope she throws her sticks at the end of the show!!”  And it was in that small interaction I understood what The Warning represented. Not only are they a Rock & Roll band from Mexico made up of three incredibly talented and young sisters but they’re an inspiration and representation for young girls & rock fans everywhere. As I entered the venue I saw an even larger range of fans of older metal heads, and younger generations getting into rock. It was so different from other shows I've been to where there's a pretty consistent age group or target audience. The crowd was incredibly diverse, somewhat representing in a way the diverse discography of rock songs in not only English but also Spanish. Especially with each member incorporating vocals gives each song a different and unique sound. It’s truly fitting their audience is as diverse as their sound.

Photos: The Warning by Never Mind 

Photos: Hero The Band by Never Mind 

Once The Warning stepped on stage the crowd went wild rightfully so, they came out and rocked. This being their first US headlining tour I was shocked as their natural talent to take a stage and own it. A stand out song for me as a fairly new fan of the band was their most recent hit single “MONEY” which showcases the lead, Dany’s fantastic vocals and guitar filled the venue with a powerful presence. With Alejandra on bass who has a mesmerizing-like talent that made you want to just watch her shred on that bass for hours, and Paulina on drums with incredible rhythm this trio is a powerhouse of young talent. It's to no surprise in recent years they quickly captured the attention and admiration of a lineup of rock legends and were invited to perform with Alice Cooper, The Killers, Def Leppard, and most recently Metallica at the Welcome To Rockville Festival. Along with their impressive collaboration with Alessia Cara this is a band to watch as they continue their rise to fame. Their live show as a whole was a wonderful experience of true Rock & Roll, and I am looking forward to keeping up with the band's career for years to come. Don’t forget to check them out on streaming platforms.

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