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A Series for Young Creatives

Article by Cole Hediger

What hurts makes you human.
Hurt, created by Craig Selbrede and Liam Gilbey, is a 2022 web series that premiered this fall in November 2022.
The series follows Stone Scriven (Craig Selbrede), a recent college grad with autism, who struggles to find his place in the world in his new found transitional state. Suffering from writers’ block stemming from his depression, Stone is contemplating ending it all. This is when he meets Finnegan Snell (Alvin Edwards III), an ex- college athlete and transman, set down a similar path in life. Fin battles with an alcohol addiction, leaving him abandoned by many of those he was close with, and- like Stone- he doesn’t see a future for himself. As a means to keep each other alive, the two unlikely friends make a pact: If they can prove life is worth living to each other then they have to keep on living.

Stone and Fin are surrounded by an amazing cast of characters. Stone’s sisters, Quill (Krya Radomsky) and Sara (Julia Watson), are trapped in a childhood expectation of caring for Stone, often at their own expense. Fin’s girlfriend, Andrea (Jessica Yin), is a cunning character, possibly after the worst for her boyfriend for her own benefit. And finally, rounding out the cast, is Bex (April Valentine), Stone’s best friend. An aspiring actress, Bex’s story unfolds as she must balance her friendship with Stone and her desire to make it as a star. These characters’ stories unravel revealing new conflicts and a new found love for life.

The show prides itself in its non-triggering approach to the portrayal of mental illness/ health and an authentic lens of the queer existence. As we are far too familiar with, much of today’s media often depicts depression and anxiety in a way that harps on the trauma of mental health problems; however, Hurt works to shed a light on the good in life. While exploring how isolating mental illness can be, Hurt promises a hope in our existence and a happy ending.

Hurt brings into question how we view and talk about mental health; how we, as humans, develop relationships; and how those relationships mold us into who we are today. As Fin and Stone grow closer throughout the series, the complications of friendship and the importance of being validated are portrayed in such a way that the audience can’t help but root for the two to stay together. 

As an indie project, Hurt was created with a small budget and with the volunteer work of many filmmakers behind the camera and in front of the screen. The showrunners made it a  mission to promote indie artists and creators alongside this story. This is reflected greatly within the music/ score used throughout the series. The song “Locked Up” by the up and coming singer/ songwriter, Alan Fiore, is featured within the pilot episode and Hurt’s original scoring is the work of composer Leigh Eggleston. 

Hurt gives home and voice to otherwise marginalized groups. Starting with the show’s showrunner, Craig Selbrede who is autistic himself, it is the show’s mission to bring voices and faces that have been shunted from the screen of mainstream media to the forefront of filmmaking.  

The pilot episode premiered in November with a special early release at an online event and on the ACC Cinematic youtube channel. The pilot premiered with a string of acclamations being an official nominee at the Catham-Kent International Film Festival; a finalist at Mindfield Film Festival; part of the official selection at Bueiff Web Series Film Festival, the Pinnacle Film Awards, and Fox International Film Festival; a nominee with the Prisma Film Awards; and winning Best Series at 8 & Halfilm Awards and the Pinnacle Film Awards. 

Keep up with Hurt on instagram @hurtwebseries

Watch part one on youtube now here

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