Never Mind Magazine is a place to celebrate artists of all mediums. A print and digital space where young creatives can say "never mind" to the society that doesn’t celebrate our differences. Never Mind represents a demand for change, and a community to

 celebrate our passions.  


 Cinematics is the second print issue of Never Mind, a 72 page magazine featuring young filmmakers Ella Fields, Adelaide Wilson and Ella Greenwood. Art from 39 young creatives consisting of poetry, photography, personal essays and exclusive Never Mind articles and content !


*All profits from issue two go to the Trevor Project.

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The new show where everyone is gay and no one dies. Click to read more about this series created for queer teens by queer teens!  Article by: Eline Klaessens

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A Euphoric kind of love 

Swipe through an incredible photo series by Dalia Janian (@gur1sdru1e)

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Callie Reiff 

The 21-year-old artist, producer and model Callie Reiff, discuses her new singles, sonic direction, and her career pushing herself as a songwriter and musician while staying true to her DJ/producer roots. 

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